About Us

Meet Ru

Hey there, I'm Ruth! I started J + R as a broke full time college athlete in 2017. I had seen some resell shops pop up on instagram, and I thought it was a rad idea. After all, I was already spending too much time (and probably too much cash) in vintage and resell shops around town. I figured it would be a great way to invest in a creative outlet while not draining my savings account. Turns out, it's so much more. In the past year, J + R and the many wonderful people it has connected me with have completely changed my life. 

Who's Jonnie?

Jonnie was my beloved gold Chevy S10 truck who sadly rests in pieces today. However, her spirit lives on! My whole vision was built around Jonnie and me driving around the country to different vintage and resell shops, building stories and adventures, collecting rad threads and - ultimately - sharing them with you! Today Jonnie is a lifestyle, an attitude of freedom, kindness, badass-ery, and an open mind. 

What We Do

I like cool stuff, if you're here, you must too. I spend countless hours running around town doing the dirty work for you. I find the coolest pieces, bring them home, wash & mend them, style shoots, post, sell, and ship each item individually! No two items are the same, making it super exciting for you to snag a find for yourself. Our pieces are individual for the individual; they're for those who want to have a vintage or unique style without breaking their wallet. (We go to the vintage up-sell places, we know about the jacked up costs, not cool).

What We're About

Our promise to you is to try to make the most of every connection. First, connecting you with rad pieces that people are gonna wanna talk about. It's amazing what our outfits can say, how they can make us feel. We wanna make you feel as unique as what you wear. We also try our best to price each item to value and not over. We pick each piece individually, so the wear and tear of each is taken into consideration as character to the age and style of the item. We've got a good eye, so we won't steer you wrong.


Thanks for being awesome. Now, go snag that piece your eye is on before someone else does!